Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Dangerous Doodle - 'Spikies' - Pattern Tutorial Video

Ta-daaaah! A new 'Dangerous Doodle' pattern tutorial.  I am really enjoying making these.  Can't wait to see what you think of this one.  If you use it in your drawing, I would love to see it.  Send me a link to your blog or just send me a pikkie.

I'm thinking of running some sort of competition where people submit drawings they have done using some of my patterns.  It's in my head at the moment, but I will post a competition soon, so don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on any news!

Happy doodling!

P.S: (You are welcome to use the 'Dangerous Doodle' pattern designs in any of your own creations, as I have provided them for free, however I would really appreciate it if you have the chance to link back to my articles so that others could share the doodly fun!  Thanks :))


  1. Thanks for making that great tutorial. I've just discovered doodling and scribbling and haven't started yet myself. But I have already bought paper and pencils.
    Greetings from Cologne, April

  2. I just love your drawing style. The videos are great and I am really enjoying watching them. THanks!!

  3. Love it1 Your videos are fun and instructive!!

  4. I was stunned that I managed to come up with a great doodle! Thank you for the great videos. Please keep them up ;)


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