Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flowers are Fun! - Ink Drawing

Just a little something I made for YouTube.  Hope you like it :)

Experimenting with Collage

Update:  This print is now available for purchase here.

This little tree proved to be quite popular in my Etsy shop, so I have been experimenting with different ways of using it.  I spent all last night experimenting with different types of old paper for the collage, and I am quite pleased with the result (even though I can hardly open my eyes this morning).  I chose the quote because I wanted something very simple to go with the image, I thought this one was just right.  I had previously drawn the tree in Art Rage (a great free drawing program with all sorts of drawing materials to choose from) but the colours looked a bit too pixelated, and not soft enough, so I reworked it again in Photoshop using my drawing tablet.

As well as printables, I would like to branch out a bit and offer prints of my work, and perhaps physical cards/stationary etc but I need to take the plunge and get a few examples printed down the road at the shops to see if they turn out ok.  It will be fun to see what they look like on the different types of paper.  Then I would have to check out the postage options if someone orders one and they live on the other side of the planet (the very reason I avoided this sort of thing in the first place...postage from New Zealand might turn people off a bit!) Perhaps this little guy could be a candidate for an A4 size print, what do you think?
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