Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shoo Rayner Competition Entry - Sneak Preview.

Update:  You can view the finished competition entry drawing here.
Shoo Rayner is a UK illustrator whose work I have been following for some time.  In addition to illustrating over 200 books, he also has three YouTube channels!  He must be a very busy man.  On his channels, he teaches how to draw everyday objects, gives career advice for artists, and shows us some of the interesting bits of his life.  He does all this with lots of laughter, and I always enjoy watching his videos when they pop up on my YouTube subscription page.  

At the moment he is running a competition, where you can choose any one of his drawing tutorials, and draw your version of it as a video response.  I thought I would give it a go.  I have finished drawing and recording the black and white pen sketch, and now I am working on the colouring and editing.  I just splashed out and bought myself some new black drawing pens in a range of different sizes.  What a difference it has made...I can't stop drawing!  It's amazing what a new pen can do to inspire you.

The video below is just a sneak preview.  I will post the finished product as soon as I can.  When I do, if you are feeling generous you might like to watch it on YouTube and click the 'LIKE' button...it might help me win a prize!
Check out the Shoo Rayner Drawing Channel Competition video here.  Don't forget to subscribe to his channel, it is well worth the click.  

A sneak preview of my entry for the Shoo Rayner Drawing Competition.

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