Monday, July 18, 2011

Illuminated Letter - M for Miraculous!

Short interruption:  You can now purchase a print of this artwork here.

As I flicked my way through some of the artwork on Flickr lately, I came across some great examples of illuminated letters, in other words, single letters that had been highly decorated. Here's a beautiful example by 'ritedebnow' .

So I decided to have a go at my own.  Here is what I came up with.  I have no idea where some of the imagery came from, probably from some deep dark space in my head...I do know how the volcano got there, though.  Could it have something to do with the video about Pompeii I watched the other day? Or perhaps I was really thinking about the active volcano we have in New Zealand, named Mount of the world's most active volcanoes?  People still go skiing on it, even though it says on Wikipedia that ...'On 5 April 2011 Geo Net changed Mount Ruapehu's Volcanic Aviation Colour Code from Green to Yellow'.  I am assuming that generally means that if you fly over it in an aeroplane you may not need the air conditioning on quite as high as usual, because you are probably going to get...FRIED!

Do you have any active volcanoes in your part of the world?  I hope you don't live quite so close as the people in Pompeii did to Mt Vesuvius....if so, consider moving somewhere less 'active'!  Although some people just like to live dangerously.

You can watch me draw this piece on my You Tube Channel, if you like.  Its a bit of a long one this time, a two parter.  I decided to publish it pretty much warts and all instead of going too crazy with the editing, just to make my life a little easier, for me that is, not you hehe.  Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Love your imagination! Very creative!

  2. I absolutely think your site is creative, playful and informative. informative. You have certainly put a lot of time, energy and thought behind this. Two snaps up and around the world!!!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment, Marguerite! Two snaps back at ya!

  4. Luuuurve this! Beautiful! Your work is quirky and imaginative. I love the 3-D effect of this letter, and how you've put it in front of a background. Also, imo, a true artist is someone who knows how to make use of white space! Gorgeous.


  5. dose this letter have a title and when was is made ?


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