Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Fancy Flower

Original ink drawing on paper.
Another flower design finished off at...oh dear, it's two in the morning!  The only time of the day I get any complete peace and quiet hehe.  Oh well I better get this posted before my eyes drop out of my head.

I drew this one in black marker pen on paper, scanned it in, and then coloured it in Photoshop.  I could have used the magic wand tool and the paintbucket to colour it, but I like to do things the hard, old fashioned way...I used my graphics tablet to colour each leaf, petal, vine, etc.  It's quite relaxing, though, to do it that way.

The original drawing is the black outline one to the left.

First colour version.

Changed to black and white and inverted.

The image to the right is the design after being hand coloured in photoshop using a graphics tablet.  I deliberately made the colours very loud.  Below you can see a few more colour combination ideas, where I have fiddled around with things a bit.

A bit easier on the eyes, this one.  I quite like it.

Pretty pink version.

White outline on grey background. 

So which version do you prefer?  Write a comment and let me know :)
Bye for now

ps:  (One of my You Tube channel subscribers made a comment on one of my drawing videos, suggesting that I design some stamps (thanks, Scraplynn!).  This is an idea I thought about before, and I would love to do it but I woudn't know how to start.  I wonder where I would get them made...suggestions, anyone?)


  1. Here is the email address of a company that makes rubber stamps that may be suitable to your style..

  2. Yeah, I think I agree with you, Revolving Doors. Thanks for the tip, GCgirl, I will check it out:)

  3. I love the pretty in pink best. And that means I love them all; just that that one better ;)


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