Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Grow a Flower - Ink Drawing

This is the latest of my drawings for my YouTube channel.  I have only just found the time (or the free hands) to type about it, that is why I posted the video all by itself first...its difficult to type when I am feeding a baby...well it is possible but it would take me too long using only one hand :).  My computer is now a Mac, which is really exciting but I feel like I am learning how to use a computer all over again and things seem to take forever.  I just got used to windows movie maker for editing my drawing videos, even though it is so simple and sort of old fashioned, I could punch out a quick video frequently without having to really think too I am  using Apple IMovie, and its a bit tricky to learn but Im getting the hang of it.  It has some really cool transitions and other features (hence the cheesy ripple effect and funny sound effect at the start with the big pencil...I couldn't help myself :D)
Anyway I thought since people seemed to enjoy my 'Flowers are Fun' video (which was my first ever drawing video), I would do another version.  I think I like this one better, with all the bits sprouting from the outside of the flower...or is it spaghetti?  Who knows?  But I really enjoyed drawing this one.  This is a great activity for loosening up before you do another drawing.  I would like to  scan this one and do something else with it in the future, though.  A commenter on YouTube suggested making a collection of these black and white drawings and making them into a colouring book for children.  I think adults would also enjoy colouring these in as well.
Some people called this a 'Zentangle', which seems to be a growing drawing trend at the moment.  I have no idea where this word came from,  but I have always drawn these just for fun.  You can call it that if you desperately want to hehe :)

Anyway until next time, take it easy :)
From MM

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