Friday, June 24, 2011

How do you draw a swirl, mummy?

Click on image for larger...image!
I have been getting quite caught up in these strange doodles lately!  This one looks like it is ready to start spinning and take off.  It all started when my son asked me about a photo he saw of the swirling milky way (not the chocolate kind, the one in the night it called the milky way?  Will have to check on that).  He asked me how to draw it, and we started talking about 'swirls'.  I showed him how to draw a simple swirl, and then later I made this swirly doodle ink drawing on paper, which I then scanned and added some colour using Photoshop and my trusty graphics tablet.  I might do a few more of these little fellows, maybe throw them together and make a weird fabric design for my Spoonflower shop.  Never know, it might be just the thing for someone's next quilt or party bunting...or not :P...........'til next time, from MM.
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