Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tea For Me, Please!

Are you a tea or coffee person?  I must admit  I'm a bit of a tea person myself.  I was hooked ever since I fell off my bike when I was a kid, and my Mum suggested I have a cup of warm milky tea to settle my nerves.  Now I have to have my tea the same way...warm, milky, oh...and with lots of sugar.

At our house we also have Moroccan tea, served with a fancy faux silver teapot in little tiny glasses on a silver tray.  It is made of fresh mint, green tea, and sugar.  Moroccan tea is served in a more sociable way than we usually serve the English tea.  Everyone sits on the floor around the tray with their legs crossed and we drink it together, practicing our Arabic.

Coffee?  Well I love the smell of it, especially the real stuff (not the instant chemical rubbish) but I can live without drinking it if I have to.

I completed these two images using my drawing tablet, in Art Rage and Photoshop.  They are available in my shop as various printable items.  Just search for 'teapot' and 'coffee' to find them.


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