Saturday, August 20, 2011

Treasured Twice...How Nice!

Wow...featured in two Etsy Treasuries in 24 hours.  I'm on a roll!  Good to know my little old Etsy shop hasn't been totally buried under the millions of items people list every day, and my items can still be if only someone would actually BUY something! LOL:)

You can find the actual treasuries here:

'It's Right There in Black and White'
'It's a Slice of Heaven - A Very Kiwi Treasury'

Spot the Miraculous Mosquito, I'm in there somewhere! 

I love some of the other items.  My favourite would have to be Nigella by 'Retrofemme', another Kiwi (New Zealand) Etsy shop owner.

Hope you're having a good one...

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