Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Little Tree Logo in Andrea Joseph's Hand Drawn Classifieds

My classified ad in Andrea Joseph's zine
(to be released soon) hand drawn by
Andrea herself.  Can you find  my tree logo?
Click on the image to see the small details.
There is one art blog on my list which I always get excited about when I see a new post, and that is Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog.  Andrea is a British illustrator who creates beautifully soft sketches with the most amazing minute details, often using her favourite medium of the humble ballpoint pen. Her subjects are often the everyday objects which you might not usually give a second glance, but with her drawings she helps us to appreciate the interesting shapes and textures around us that we take for granted.

She has deservedly gathered quite a following from around the world, this is evident if you take a look at comments on her blog, her flickr photostream, and various other places which she posts her artwork. Her zines are purchased by around 1000 people.

One of my favourite pieces that Andrea has created has to be her zine 'How to Draw Like a Nut'.  It is clever and funny, and displays her talent so well, in addition to giving away some of her great drawing secrets and tips.  It is a great encouragement to those who would like to be inspired to improve their drawing, and I would highly recommend it.  It is a real bargain price, too!

So when Andrea posted on her blog that she was making a classified section in her next zine (to be released soon), and that she would personally draw each ad by hand (at a very low price for the work involved) I just had to get a space.

I chose to include my little tree logo which is a recurring theme in my artwork (this comes from my drawing 'Earthed' which you can read about here).  Andrea did a wonderful job of drawing it in her own style, and of course included 'Miraculous Mosquito' and my blog address in that groovy typography that she does so well...Thanks, Andrea!

At the time of writing this post, there were still some spaces left in the classifieds of her Zine, so if you want one, check it out and get in quick, because they won't last long.


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