Monday, July 22, 2013

3D Paintbrush Experiment

This was a little something I tried (and failed) but had fun making.  It was meant to end up like a sort of 3D, stuffed paintbrush made from natural cotton.  I used permanent markers to draw the brush.  It actually turned out quite ok, but then I thought that spraying on fixative to really set the colours would be a good idea. Of course the alcohol in the fixative spray made the colours spread out all over the effect I wasn't expecting.  It could be an interesting project to explore in the future, though. I've always been a fan of soft sculpture since my art teacher introduced it to me at high school!  We did a unit on the Pop Art movement, and I remember our assignment was to make something hard into something soft, or vice versa.

The paintbrush drawn with permanent markers on calico fabric.

I made a copy of the shape in calico, put right sides together,
and sewed around the edges with the sewing machine, leaving a small gap.
I turned it right side out, and then hand stitched the gap closed.

After it was all sewed together, I used my sewing machine to
go over some of the lines on the 'metal' part of the paintbrush.
I also sewed around the outline of the shape, which gave it
more of a puffy look, rather than fully 3-dimensional.

This is the backside of the paintbrush.  You can see the blueish
colour has spread through to the back after I tried to 'fix' the colour
with fixative spray (click on image to enlarge).  Oh well...we learn by our mistakes!


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