Thursday, July 18, 2013

Help Kick-Start a Fellow Artist's New Project.

This is Just a short post to help a fellow YouTuber reach his Kick Starter goal.  Shoo Rayner is a very hard-working artist who has posted over 800 videos on YouTube, mostly drawing tutorials.  His videos are fun, and very helpful if you are learning to draw. I have learnt countless tricks and tips from watching them. If you were to pay someone to teach you to draw, and to give you art career advice,  it would cost you a fortune, but you can learn from his years of experience, for free!  I think that's pretty good.

So I am writing this post to ask you to support his new artistic project (which sounds amazing, by the way) on kick-starter.  If he doesn't reach the goal, he won't get any of the donated amount so far, which would be a real shame. He only has 28 days left to reach it.  If you haven't seen his videos, go and take a look, you won't be disappointed.  If you have already seen them and enjoyed or learnt something from them, go ahead and donate a little something.  If you donate, you can also choose one of the many rewards Shoo has offered on the kick-starter page.

Shoo explains everything in the video below.  Or you can go straight to his Kickstarter campaign.


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