Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Moleskine Malarky

The completed Moleskine cover...before the disaster!

If you follow me on Facebook, you may remember a Moleskine Journal cover that I was decorating a while ago. I posted some photos of the progress. I was so happy with the finished piece, and was all ready to offer it for sale on my online shop, but as things went, it wasn't meant to happen. I left it in what I thought was a safe place. However, someone else also thought it would be a good place to put a spray bottle full of water, which decided to tip over somehow and leak water all over the Moleskine.

Oh dear...spray bottles and Moleskines do not mix.
Those pages are completely warped!

So now there is a lovely big watermark right through the middle of the journal. All was not lost, though. The good thing was that the water didn't really touch the outside of the journal. So I scanned the drawing and decided to play around with it a bit digitally. Here you can see I have experimented with a series of panels. I was happy with this until I resized the image and made it smaller, and then realised it looks as if the viewer is looking at the scene through a set of prison bars. Not the uplifting, relaxing effect I was going for. Back to the drawing board!

The cover design, digitally salvaged.  I was playing around with
using panels to divide the composition, but I think this could remind
people of  the idea of looking out of a prison cell window, with those
three 'bars' .  Back to the Photoshop drawing board!

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