Thursday, August 22, 2013

Braided Tree

I just wanted to show you this amazing tree we found in the grounds of our local hospital.  I couldn't pass without taking some photos.  Isn't is wonderful?  It looks as though it has been loosely plaited/braided over a very long period of time.  It has real character, don't you think?  I noticed a sign on it saying that it was protected by the local council, and no one was allowed to chop it down, which is nice.  Above is a photo of the tree with my son standing at the base, to show how big it is. You can see more of the beautiful texture and details in the close-up below.  I love the colour of it, too...sort of reminds me of old grey stone.  I think it must be very old.  I'm glad I caught a photo of it, I hope to draw it one day when I have a spare moment.

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