Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fancy Lettering Update

I'm making some progress with my fancy lettering videos.  As you can see, they are not meant to be perfectly polished lettering, just a fun design with a few quick curls and frilly bits. 

I was going for the hand-drawn look.  Although I love using the computer to draw and add colour, it can sometimes turn out a bit mass-produced and cold looking.  If you start with one of your own drawings on paper, scan it, and then use the computer to colour it, you can still keep that handmade look whilst enjoying the convenience of not having to get all your paints out and then clean up the mess afterwards (although I do love to get my watercolours out every now and again). 

This is meant to be the sort of lettering that anyone could do fairly quickly, on a card or a poster for example.  In the videos below you will be able to see that I have just drawn a very basic outline of each letter, and then added four elements which tie them all together:

1.  A few curls here and there (no rules...just ad-lib and have some fun with it)

2.  Some quick frills on the left hand side.

3.  Some diagonal hatching , again on the left side (just repeated single lines, quick and easy).

4.  A double-lined border, rather roughly drawn.  Who needs rulers, anyway?!

If you would prefer to see a really fancy, much neater 'Illuminated Letter', you can always look at this one (there is a link to the video there too, if you want to watch me draw it).

Anyway, below are the 'Fun with Typography' videos that I have made so far, all in one convenient place.  They are all very short and sweet.  I hope you have a go at drawing some groovy fonts of your own, it really is fun.  By the way, a small trick...start by drawing the basic letter shape first (like a thin stick) and then draw a thicker outline around that, as if you were drawing a plank of wood, or a letter made out of a balloon.  Hey...why don't you just make your letters look like balloons?  Now there's an idea!

Happy drawing!

The Letter A

The Letter B

The Letter C

The Letter D
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