Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spiffy Up Your Journal!

The other day I paid a visit to a place in Wellington called 'Uncle Bill's'.  No, he's not my uncle...just one of those shops that you can buy just about everything from at a very inexpensive price.  Buy at your own risk, mind you, and make sure you check that everything works before you leave the shop.  I went there to buy gel pens, but ended up buying everything else instead, as I tend to do in this type of shop. 

They had some interesting art equipment there...not the sort of thing you would expect you to last a lifetime, but I bought myself a pretty decent paintbrush.  It's called a 'Taklon Liner' and it has really long, thin bristles which are great for doing fine curly flourishing lines.  Once I got the hang of it I just couldn't stop, and began painting everything in sight with some white gesso I found at the back of my art cupboard.  I will have to work out how to fix the paint on somehow, perhaps some spray varnish will do the trick...otherwise the whole lot will just scrape off.

As you can see, my art journal with its smooth black cover was just asking for a spruce up.  I have video recorded some other little curly paintings I did on some dark surfaces with white paint, and when they are all nicely edited I will post them on my YouTube channel so you can see how I did them.  I can't wait to show you. 

In the meantime, I have posted a video about the materials I used to decorate the cover.

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  1. Nice! Indeed, why leave it plain?

  2. My sentiments exactly. I don't think I am able to leave anything plain for too long hehe.

  3. I think it looks fabulous! I've always wanted to doodle like you, and I hope you proceed with the books! Your journal looks like it was made to happen that way! I've seen a lot of journal designs, since it is kind of popular now, but the one you made would make me fork over the green if it were for sale! Hm....have you thought about designing on some products?

    1. Thanks, Theresa! I'm getting very excited about working on the Dangerous Doodle pattern book, now that I can see people are interested. I have been looking into designing my own products, it's something I would love to do...especially stationary which is one of my favourite things. I'm also looking at doing a bit of fabric design.

    2. I love stationary also, but am doing greeting cards because most people use the computer to communicate, and stationary on the web is often free so I couldn't see how to make any money that way. As for your fabric design idea, that sounds great! I have a Zazzle site, and they offer many products to put your designs'd do great there! I could see your designs on T-Shirts, mugs, notebooks, aprons, shoes...give it some thought! Your stuff is so refreshing and original, it makes me happy just looking at it!


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