Friday, May 20, 2011

Daughter's Delightful Doodle

click drawing to see a larger image
I thought I would share this doodle with you, made by my almost 5 year old daughter.  One of the first things she usually does as soon as she gets up in the morning is grab a piece of paper out of the big recyclable paper box, finds her felt pens, and starts drawing.  It is amazing how quickly her control of a pen has improved with all that drawing.  She just loves it!

The thing that caught my eye about this one is the snake!  Where is the snake, you ask?  Well he is that really cool spirally creature right in the middle of the drawing.  Instead of just drawing a boring old snake with a few wiggles, her version of a snake has a really amazing repetitive coil thing going on.  I think she has caught the curly drawing habit from her mummy hehe.  I wonder if she saw one of my drawings, or if it is already in her genes?  Whatever the case I thought it was a pretty impressive snake :)  But then of course I am biased :P
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